Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Cover of Journey To The Center Of The EarthAn Audio Drama production based on the novel “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” by Jules Verne.

The story involves a professor who believes there are volcanic tubes going toward the center of the Earth.

He will embark on a journey together with his nephew and their guide, where they will encounter many adventures, including prehistoric animals and natural hazards, and eventually coming to the surface again in southern Italy.

Leonard Nimoy
John de Lancie
Featuring Susan Bay, Roxann Dawson, Richard Doyle, Robert Ellenstein and Marnie Mosiman.
With Owen de Lancie, Andrew Robinson and Armin Shimerman.

Directed by Jack Fletcher
Script by Nat Segaloff
Original Musical Score composed and performed by Peter Erskine
Music recorded at Puck Productions in Santa Monica, California
Post-production Supervisor, Jeff Howell
Editing and Sound Design by John Chominsky
Script supervisor Scott Peterson


Journey To The Center Of The Earth was produced by Alien Voices, incorporated.
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